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You can use our Saudi Arabia-based private jet services for 24/7. You can use our services and charter jet aircrafts anytime. Our company is a global company that you can charter a private jet plane anytime and from any country. Also our air ambulance services in Saudi Arabia is available for 24/7. Medical evacuation service is taken place under the supervision of experienced doctors and nurses with fully-equipped aircrafts. To learn more information about us, do not hesitate to call us for free. Our service is open for 24/7. Our phone number is (Riyadh). We provide you online aircraft charter solutions quickly and safely from a single point. Saudi Arabia-based, Air Plures is an international aviation company that you can reach for aircraft leases. You can call us for anytime you want. 24/7: (Istanbul)

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Plures urgent air ambulance service works full time 24 hours 7 days.

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Private jet chartering is one of the services provided by Plures Air.

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Saudi Arabia-based Plures Air is a well known aircraft chartering company. You can use our service to charter an aircraft quickly and we can provide you better solutions internationally. You can travel Saudi Arabia with our affordable and high quality services. You can look at all the details and requirements about chartering private aircrafts and jet aircrafts by using our service that is open for 24/7.

Jet charter rates are calculated based on the length of flight. Aircrafts' flight time is different from each other. If you use full capacity of the aircraft, your costs will drop significantly. To learn the best and the fastest aircraft for your travel, please contact Plures Air

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We provide full-time jet charter service which is open 7 days, 24 hours. You can charter any type of aircrafts which are able to fly to any country. Our experienced team provides you professional multilingual support and you can learn all the details about aircraft types, travel organization information etc. You can call us for free to learn more.


Plures Air Ambulance services is available for your needs globally and it provides service for twenty-four seven. We provide you air ambulance service for 365 days in a row with our fully equipped ambulance aircrafts. Our experienced doctor and nurse teams can provide you smooth and quick service. Our ambulance aircrafts are ready for your service both in Saudi Arabia airports and in the other airports globally.


You can have better solutions for your vacations if you use Plures Air. If you use our services rather than buy a plane ticket, you will travel easily. So many people choose us because they want to have special air travelling services. You can call us now. Plures Air is a global company that provide you better solutions for chartering aircrafts with their experienced team.


You can use Plures Air's services easily. You can contact us by filling the form in our website or call us for free to charter aircrafts and have special service. Our call center answers your questions, informs you and organizes your travel as you want. We have so many services that you can use easily such as Saudi Arabia jet charter service, global charter services, passenger aircraft services, air ambulance services and also cargo charter services.

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